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ensure up to
3X ↑  Performance .
20% ↓ Cost .
40% Time .

Addng.One, auto-aggregate campaign data at real-time; a single source of data for analytics





Get a single view of the data for your entire marketing campaign across ad platforms, using  Addng.One

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With automated collation and access of data via Addng.One; you can save up to 15-20H of time per campaign, per week.

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Manual collation of data can result in errors and inaccuracies.

Addng.One does the heavy lifting ensuring 100% accuracy of the data you analyze.



Your campaign data is a click away with Addng.One. You no longer have to wait to access the data. Now make smarter decisions, faster!


Addng.One is the single source of all your campaign data. The platform auto aggregates and brings together all your campaign data as a single view. Our powerful reporting and analytics solution streamlines the process, saving up to 40% of your team's time.

Spend less time on data collection and more on strategic analysis with Addng.One. No coding necessary!

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Connect campaign data from any source.

Google, Facebook, DV360, Twitter & many more platforms - Data in one space.



Get daily access to all the data.


Single dashboard.

Automatically aggregate and transform raw data from across platforms.


Get ONE view of your ad-spends and performance across ad platforms.

Analysis made easy - visualize, compare and analyze  to drive high accuracy optimizations.


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